A safety training experience in VR for our client Statnett.

Statnett – 9 Life Saving Rules

Statnett builds and manages Norway’s powerlines, carrying thousands of volts, high up, in remote places.

For the workers erecting and maintaining these powerlines, HSE training is crucial. Sadly it has proved difficult to engage people in the subject. Statnett asked Hyper for help with creating a holistic and engaging solution to solve this problem.

A key insight for us was that this kind of training often is good at communication lifesaving knowledge, but rarely manages to engage theory into practice. To make lasting behavioural changes through HSE training, we believe that the employees need to understand and preferably experience why they should follow the HSE rules.

We helped Statnett with a two part solution: first the workers go through Statnett’s “9 lifesaving rules” via a website with short animated videos and texts. Then they play through a series of lifelike work situations in a custom training arena in VR, simulating virtual Statnett sites at Norefjell and Hasle. VR is the most true to life and engaging way you can practice potentially dangerous situations without risk. When you are standing on a power mast, 15 meters up, with the wind in your ears, theory suddenly becomes relevant.