A content-packed children’s game for iOS and Android devices, created by the Norwegian companies Hyper Games and Maipo Film. The game is for children from 3-9 years old.


Hocus Pocus, Alfie Atkins

In the game you will help Alfie build a tree house, so he can get a gift from his imaginary friend Malcolm. While building the tree house floor by floor, you discover many new characters and mini games; pirate duels, house work, magical tricks and sing-a-longs. As the adventure unfolds, you also get a chance to decorate your own tree house!

Alfie Atkins

Alfie Atkins, Willi Wiberg, Alphonse, Alfons Aberg – the popular character created in 1972 by Swedish author Gunilla Bergström, goes by many names. He is one of our most famous Nordic children’s characters, known and loved by generations of children and parents through the best-selling series of books.

The stories describe a young child’s everyday life, familiar to kids from all cultures. Both funny and thought provoking, they stimulate children and their parents to be imaginative, inventive and humorous in their approach to the world.