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More than just a deeply talented and smart crew, Hyper Games are true artists.
- Jónas Antonsson, CEO Raw Fury

Some of our partners and clients

Statnett Hydro Motimate Raw Fury Helse Midt-Norge Aspyr REMA 1000 Skatteetaten Norges Automobilforbund Safari Yoghurt Fagforbundet Refsnes Laks Play Magnus
Our games have reached more than
8 million players
across the world

Watch a compilation of some of our projects!


The use of game mechanics and gamification in education increases both motivation and learning.

We've made a wide range of educational games for different kinds of clients, for example:

  • VR-course to teach construction workers at Statnett to avoid accidents
  • Game to onboard new employees of the retail chain REMA 1000
  • Course to teach leaders at Hydro how to better communicate
  • App for health care professionals to learn how to perform systematic life-saving work

Our team is among the most experienced in serious games and edtech, and have worked with projects like these for over 15 years.

Onboarding game for employees of REMA
HSE-course made in VR for Statnett
Simulation/education for health personnel
* Elearning Learning
Use of gamification gives
higher employee engagement*

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Interactive content is an effective way to earn your audience's attention, and it doesn't need to be overly expensive. We can deliver both large and small interactive productions to any platform.

Sometimes, just adding a little bit of love and polish to your products can make a big difference in how engaging they feel. Gamification is the method of applying common mechanics from games to non-game products. Try pressing the button below to see an example:

Press this button to feel good
Kids game made for Safari Yoghurt
Game related to the 2019 election in Norway
Public information campaign for Statnett

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We are, in all modesty, really good at technology. We can make games with tech like Unity, Unreal or JS/HTML - and publish to almost any platform imaginable.

So far we have worked with iOS, Android, PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Apple Arcade, and Hololens. We are also experienced in developing XR-products like Agumented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR).

If you have an idea that requires innovation and cutting edge technology, feel free to reach out and see how we can help.

Mosaic on Apple Arcade
We helped Raw Fury and Krillbite bring their game Mosaic to all Apple Arcade devices.

Porting to new platforms

We have a lot of experience with Unity development, and have helped other studios and publishers ship their games to new platforms.

Optimization and UX-design for new platforms are also part of our skill set, so if you for instance have a PC game you want to release on mobile, or a mobile game you want to release on Nintendo Switch etc, we can help.

Hyper was extremely creative, disciplined, and most importantly, easy to work with. Hands down one of our favorite partners.
- Michael Blair, Director of Sales, Aspyr Media
We can make fancy blinky wiry things.

Physical installations and electronics

Even if we mostly work with digital products, we also do physical products from time to time.

We can help both design and development of physical installations, and also have skills in wiring electronics and sensors if you need a completely tailored solution.

E-learning in VR made for Hydro
Installation about salmon in a visitor center
HSE-course made in VR for Statnett
See salmon installation

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Art, Design and Animation

We have talented artists, designers and animators, and can deliver any sort of 2D or 3D art/animation.

For our clients we have previously made illustrations, comics, brand identity, commercials, 3D models and animations. We can handle many different styles and aesthetics as you can see in our showreel below!

Take a look at our art reel!

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If you need some of us to be part of your own team for a limited project we can outsource our resources.

We have very experienced and talented co-workers that can help you with programming, animation, game design, graphic design, illustration, animation, consulting etc. Get in touch to check our availability and rates.

Photo from our office

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Hyper Games

Hyper Games is an independent game studio based in Oslo, Norway.

We’re most known for our games "Mørkredd" and "Eggggg". We started out in 2012 and now count 10 employees (and three dogs).

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